Email Overload

Email overload is a hot topic that has been around for a good 10+ years in my career. People are mad that Outlook hasn’t solved it and so many entrepreneurs go after creating “email killers.” I wont knock anyone for trying to build the next great email application (Mailbox got well paid for their slick […]

Software Tools - Abe McCallum

As product developers there are lots of different tools we can use to build products. Since I am often asked how I get my job done, here is a list of tools I use to get the job done. Project Management/SCRUM: Asana Asana is a great product for managing projects and keeping everyone on point. […]

Abe McCallum blogging

I have spent a lot of years wanting to blog. Alas, I procrastinated on my New Year’s resolutions and didn’t get around to it. With my new site live (, I decided it was time to commit to blogging and sharing my knowledge with more than just the people I interact with daily. My goals […]

Abe McCallum - homepage hero

My new site is live at It was a big project, 18 pages (responsive design), 13 videos, logo (to brand myself), business cards, and an infographic resume booklet. You may ask, “Why so much effort?” Well, as a product architect, what I do is not easily put into words. My job requires me to […]

I want to give a big thank you to my friends who helped put together my site. Without all of you, this amazing site wouldn’t have been possible. Nausika – for all the sexy graphics Patrick – for coding my site Pete – for filming and editing my personal intro video Joao – for creating […]