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Being creative on the fly is not something everyone can do. Even if you excel at being creative, we all hit mental blocks. While developing Maui Vera, David and I developed a game to get into the creative zone as we were designing our packaging and thinking about our brand. We still play the following game to keep the creative juices flowing.

The Game Is This: Walk into any store, pick up a product and in 60 seconds you have to refresh the brand. This includes how you would change the packaging and crafting a new tag line to fit the target market.

The point of the game is to put you on the spot, forcing you to think fast, and have fun. It’s an entertaining game that I play with teammates to keep us creative. I have applied this to the various software companies I work with and it works just as well. We pick a company we know and the countdown begins.

Some of the best ideas come from being on the spot and allowing yourself to be open to new things. This type of game lets everyone have fun and not be afraid of throwing out crazy ideas. Personally some of our best ideas have come out of this experience.

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