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My new site is live at www.abemccallum.com. It was a big project, 18 pages (responsive design), 13 videos, logo (to brand myself), business cards, and an infographic resume booklet.

You may ask, “Why so much effort?” Well, as a product architect, what I do is not easily put into words. My job requires me to solve complex problems with limited information. I specialize in branding, user interface/experience design, copywriting, marketing, and sales. I enjoy coding, but am no master (yet). By combining all these skills, it enables me to take an idea and hone it into an amazing product that makes money.

My site is an opportunity for you to see what I have accomplished over the course of my career. Something that a simple 8.5×11 piece of paper can’t explain in detail. I didn’t put everything up, but enough to give you a solid glimpse into how I can help you and your company.

About Abe McCallum

My name is Abe McCallum, and I am a Product Architect. I have spent my career pursuing one passionate objective: Create the best products that customers love & enrich their lives. See my work: http://abemccallum.com


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