Crafting messaging is never easy and a lot of people think they are great writers or treat writing as an afterthought. I don’t find many people in the middle. 🙂 Over the years, I have worked diligently to improve my writing skills because I saw how it was impacting my pitching skills whether in direct […]

People raise capital every day and I often get asked what it was like to raise a million dollars within 5 months after the 2008 financial crisis. Well, to sum it up, “it was insanely hard, but it was the greatest business achievement of my life. Even better than raising my first $500K.” As many […]

Abe McCallum - Priceline

My best advice for anyone traveling on their own dime and not worried about getting reward points is to use Priceline. With a decade of business travel, especially when it’s your own money, you get smarter about how to save money on every trip. I have been using Priceline for 7+ years and through all […]

Abe McCallum - Stop Wasting Time

We work in a connected world, which means there are a lot of distractions. Working with several companies, I have been amazed at how distracted people can be during the workday. From email alerts, push notifications, texts, IM’s, news, to the many other ways we are constantly distracted, it amazes me how we still get […]

Abe McCallum Business Idea

As entrepreneurs we all have ideas. I tend to have a new business idea every day, it is just one of the way I stay creative. Entrepreneurship has always been an incredible part of American culture and it has fueled many exceptional people to take incredible risks to make their idea a reality. For those […]

Branding by Abe McCallum

Being creative on the fly is not something everyone can do. Even if you excel at being creative, we all hit mental blocks. While developing Maui Vera, David and I developed a game to get into the creative zone as we were designing our packaging and thinking about our brand. We still play the following […]

Email Overload

Email overload is a hot topic that has been around for a good 10+ years in my career. People are mad that Outlook hasn’t solved it and so many entrepreneurs go after creating “email killers.” I wont knock anyone for trying to build the next great email application (Mailbox got well paid for their slick […]

Software Tools - Abe McCallum

As product developers there are lots of different tools we can use to build products. Since I am often asked how I get my job done, here is a list of tools I use to get the job done. Project Management/SCRUM: Asana Asana is a great product for managing projects and keeping everyone on point. […]